Ways Disney Gets You to Spend Tons of Money on its Brand and More

A Look at How Disneyland has Made Sales on the new Star Wars Attraction Alone
Photo by Veronica Wagenet

We all know about Disneyland and you may have been there yourself or heard about a friend’s experience going there. Have you ever given some thought to how they get so many people to go there and spend so much on tickets and attractions? Recently, my husband and I bought into the new Star Wars attraction and spent way too much because Disneyland knows how to market and make sales. As an entrepreneur or marketing manager, I want you to think about the methods they used to attract us convince us to go there and spend a large amount of money, and see if this may give you some ideas and inspiration for monetizing your brand and business.

First, we heard about it through videos on Facebook. Being a Star Wars fan, my husband was already intrigued by their new attraction. Now, for this new attraction, they made it so you could only get in by reservation, additionally, you had to stay at one of their expensive Disney resorts to be able to make a reservation. So, we had to spend over $700 on each hotel night, and then spend money on Disneyland tickets and food if we wanted to eat when we were at the park. There were three of us: my husband, myself, and our daughter. You can imagine how much they earned just from us, let alone 1000 people going just for the new Star Wars attraction.

Marketing Tactic Analysis
  1. They targeted people who love Disneyland and anything Disney.
  2. They targeted a second customer niche – Star Wars fans.
  3. They made this event exclusive by creating a reserved time period, in which only guests at the Disneyland resorts were able to make the Star Wars reservation. This tactic they used is called FOMO (fear of missing out).

When you are thinking about your marketing campaigns, use these useful techniques that Disney used. Target your audience. This will take some analysis to see who your key demographics are for your customers or potential customers. You can look at your social media platform and website site traffic insights to do this. Once you know who your target audience is, you can start thinking about what it is about your brand and product they love and will keep coming back for more. Build a campaign around that by using FOMO. You can have a limited time offer for a product, event, or service. Use these tactics and you will be able to gain more brand awareness and profits. If you need a tool to help you streamline your campaigns and keep track of what works and doesn’t, I suggest using Hubspot. They offer a free trial, which is great because you can test it out before you start paying their subscription fee.

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