4 Ways Your Small Business Can Attract the Best Talent

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

As an entrepreneur, you want to hire motivated, talented, and hard-working people who are ready to help you move your business forward. To accomplish your goal, you must attract the best job candidates. The average cost per hire is more than $4,000. At that price, hiring first-rate people for your small business is essential. Here are four ways you can draw top applicants to your company.

1. Organize Your Payroll System

Your company has many features that employees may find attractive. After all, a fulfilling career includes many factors beyond the paycheck. However, you and your staff have a common goal of generating income.

An organized payroll system ensures you have a set of tools to complete payroll and tax information promptly and efficiently. The right software offers you time-saving advantages while keeping you in compliance. An automated payroll system may be the best fit for your business. If you have just a few staff members, though, consider a payroll template for business. Look for a template that has features to interface with your invoicing, employee scheduling, time tracking, and other key business tools.

2. Join Your Chamber of Commerce

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a chamber of commerce membership. Joining your chamber gives your company credibility, demonstrating you own an established business that places importance on the local community. Becoming a member also increases your visibility, as the chamber often publicizes its business members.

Your chamber is a networking haven, allowing you to meet business professionals across many industries. You have the chance to build relationships that can become mutually beneficial. Between the increased publicity, credibility and connections you make, your chamber of commerce membership can position you to attract the best employees.

3. Create a Strong Onboarding Plan

An outstanding onboarding process begins with recruitment and invites talent. Throughout the interview process, applicants can imagine themselves feeling satisfied in a role at your business. Give candidates a clear idea of your mission, culture, and values. If they visit the workplace in person, show them the area and equipment they would use and introduce them to employees. After the interview, let candidates know you appreciate their time.

When candidates accept an offer, they are eager to begin a new chapter with your company. You can continue a robust onboarding process while momentum is high. Consider sending items before their start date:

  • Work itinerary for the first few days
  • Company email address and phone number
  • Access details for work and communication tools
  • Branded apparel or office supplies

4. Unify Your Marketing Strategies

Your brand should be easy to identify in any form. Content marketing, social media posts, emails, your website — no matter where consumers encounter your business, they should find a consistent experience that looks, feels, and sounds the same. A unified strategy creates recognition, strengthening your brand, and presenting a solid identity to consumers and job candidates. Talented people look for a company that understands its purpose and delivers it distinctly, and your marketing approach is part of that strategy.

Hiring the right people for your small business takes planning and effort, but when you have good strategies to find candidates who are the best fit for your company, your efforts can pay dividends as your business thrives.

Written by: Gloria Martinez

Gloria Martinez loves sharing her business expertise and hopes to inspire other women to start their own businesses and seek promotions in the workplace. She created WomenLed.org to spotlight and celebrate women’s achievements


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