How Dean Graziosi Gets Tons of Business Through Offering Free Seminars, So BE CAREFUL

Learn what happens at the free seminars Dean Graziosi’s company puts on and the tricks used by his team to get people to buy-in to his products

You may have seen advertisements for Dean Graziosi’s free workshops on Facebook, Youtube, or received an invitational email. I saw an advertisement on Youtube and thought it might be interesting to attend the event since it was free, I would get lunch, and get a free copy of his book, Millionaire Success Habits. It was also supposed to only be from 12- 1 pm on a Thursday, which seemed short enough. I figured why not go. I knew they would be trying to sell something there, but I did not know what exactly it would be, so I went.

When I got there the check-in was easy. I just gave them my name and they gave me a name tag and a copy of Graziosi’s book, then I went downstairs to the event room to find a chair, which had a pen and brochure full of testimonials in it. Keep in mind, this seminar was supposed to give you the success habits of millionaires, so that is what I was expecting to learn about at this function and in the videos, Dean says that he is looking forward to sharing them with you and meeting you.

Well, when I got in the room, what I saw on the wall was a projection video of Dean Graziosi talking- it was not him in-person. When the video finished, a man from Dean’s company came out and started talking.

His pitch was basically that billionaires have seven funnels of money, and one was flipping houses with cash. So, he went on to explain how important this was and how you could accomplish this as long as you sign up for a three-day workshop for nearly $1000. He explained that once you go to the workshop, you will get all the training you need to learn how to flip houses and get cash to pay for the houses by using his network provided, which provides you up to 1 million dollars for flipping a house *if the deal seems good enough. I was really surprised that almost half of the room signed up for it. So, let me go in a little deeper so you can understand what this salesman did in order to convince these people to buy-in to his idea and the product.

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