Innovative Environmental-friendly Packing is Becoming a Trend, and More Companies Should Get on Board

Learn about the three latest types of eco-friendly packaging
Image by: A Different Perspective on Pixabay

Animals and our environment have been suffering for too long due to companies like Coca Cola using plastic and non-biodegradable packing. This is something we see on social media and in the news time and time again. In fact just last week I saw a video of a sea lion that was caught up in a bunch of netting and some type of circular thing around its neck. The poor animal was trying to hurry up and go into the water with the rest of its family, but all of the stuff on it was making it difficult to keep up with them. Luckily there was a man there who saw what was happening and helped free the young sea lion. Animals should not need to suffer because of human business mistakes and there is an increasing amount of companies that are starting to realize this and innovate when it comes to eco-friendly packing design.

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