The One Proofreading Tool Every Content Writer Should Use

As a writer, the one important thing before you publish your writing is to proofread and edit your writing. You never want to publish anything without editing it because there could be typos and grammar errors – which will make you look less credible as a writer. There are plenty of writing programs you can use that have correct errors, such as Microsoft Word, Google Word, and Pages, but I have noticed none of them work as well as Grammarly.

What is great about Grammarly is that it spots all sorts of errors and with a click of a button you can either use the correction offered or decide not to use it. I have noticed that Grammarly catches more errors than Microsoft Word does and forget about Google Word or Pages. Grammarly does more than just find spelling errors and syntax errors, it also has the ability to detect plagiarism if you want to pay for the Premium plan.

One of the features I like most about Grammarly, is that it has a free browser extension. This feature is great, because for when you are writing anything on the web. I use Google Word a lot with my team and we collaborate on projects. I have noticed that Grammarly picks up grammar and spelling errors more often than Google Word while I am using the browser extension. I suggest using this feature anytime you are publishing something on the web.

Another awesome feature in Grammarly I love is you can download it as a desktop application. If you are used to writing using Microsoft Word or another writing application, what you can do is write there first, then copy-and-paste your article into Grammarly to double-check any errors.

I am a writer on writing publication platform, Medium, and manage a group on Facebook for Medium writers, and the number one tool everyone tends to use is Grammarly, which says a lot about this tool. Give it a try and I am sure you will love using it too.

Free & Quick Proofreading from Grammarly!

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